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Waukegan Park District Online Registration


If you experience difficulty using the web registration, we are aware and working to resolve what appears to be an intermittent issue.  Please let us know if you are having any difficulty using web registration by calling (847) 360-4713.


In the meantime, registration can be taken in person at one of three facilities: the Belvidere Recreation Center, the Field House Sports and Fitness Center and the Jack Benny Center for the Arts. For security purposes, we no longer accept phone or faxed in registrations.


If you have questions, please call (847) 360-4713. We apologize for the inconvenience.




Existing Users
If you have previously created a login ID, password and household profile you may proceed to the login screen in order to register for a program. If you have forgotten your login, please call 847-360-4700 in order to retrieve that information. Please do not set up another login as this could alter your registration.


First Time Users
If this is your first time registering online, you will need to setup a login ID, password and household profile. Please follow the guidelines below. Failure to do so may cause you to be considered a non-resident and therefore be required to pay non-resident fees.


Online Program Registration Tips
Read these useful registration tips before completing an online registration. Additional online registration Frequently Asked Questions are also available.


Registration by Mail
If you prefer to register by mail, you may print a copy of a registration form, complete it and mail it in along with your check payment. For security purposes, we no longer accept credit card payments via mail.


In order to register online you must follow a specific format. Please read these procedures in their entirety. We welcome any comments or suggestions.
STEP 1: Create a Login & Password
Go to the login screen and enter a login and password that are each no more than 13 characters. Please remember this login ID and password information, as you will need it each time you login. Next, click the "Create New User" button. You will be directed to the page where you will be asked to enter profile information for all household members.
STEP 2: Enter Your Household Address
You must enter the street number, street name, and street type in separate fields. These fields have specific formats which are referenced below. Failure to do so may cause the system to classify you as a non-resident and charge you the non-resident fee.
Street Name: Type your street name only. Do not type the direction (N, S, E or W) or street type (St., Ave., Blvd., etc.). These need to be entered separately.
Street Type: If this is not typed correctly, you'll be considered a non-resident! Type the two (2) initials in uppercase for your street type as follows:
AV for Avenue   PL for Place
BL for Boulevard   PY for Parkway
CL for Circle   RD for Road
CT for Court   ST for Street
DR for Drive   TR for Terrace
HW for Highway   Trail for Trail
LN for Lane   WY for Way
STEP 3: Enter Birthdates
Birthdates are important and may restrict you from enrolling in specific classes. Birthdates are formatted as: MM/DD/YYYY (example: September 5th 1956 would be entered as 09/05/1956)
STEP 4: Submit
If you are returned to the "submit your information" screen, scroll to the top of the screen to look for errors in red which will inform you as to missing or incorrect information.


Please view our Online Registration FAQs for additional online program registration information.
User Profile
We recommend that you check your online profile before registering to ensure that all of your information is accurate. Please check your residency status located in the upper left-hand corner before registering. If it is not correct, please contact us at 847-360-4700 between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday and 9am-1pm on Saturday before registering.
Email Address
Be sure to check your email address for accuracy. Email conformations can only be sent to valid email addresses.
All online registrations require full payment by credit card. No deposits or partial payments (when allowed) can be made online. Please note that the transaction on your credit card statement will be listed as "Web Registration". Please verify that the credit card in your profile is valid. If the credit card payment is declined, you will be notified via email. Please note that you will not get an immediate credit card approval or decline at time of registration. If the credit card is declined, the system will REMOVE you from the class and place you on the wait list until payment is received. Once payment is received, you will be transferred back into the class if space is available.
Program Availability
Although most programs and classes are available for online viewing, they are not all available for online registration.
This is due to the nature of enrollment requirements. Some of these include Preschool, Camps, Private Swim Lessons and Special Recreation. If online registration is not possible, you can download a registration form from the website (on the brochure page), fill it out and mail it in with your check payment or drop off at either Belvidere Recreation Center, Jack Benny Center for the Arts, or the Field House Sports and Fitness Center at Hinkston Park.
Referencing a Class
To register for classes online, you can locate the class ID numbers two ways. If you have a brochure and know the specific 4 digit number, you can enter that. Or you may click on the " BROWSE" button on the login screen and select the type of program you are looking for by category and classification.
Registration Time Limits
Once you select the enroll button you have one-half (1/2) hour to make changes in your registration before your credit card is charged.
Due to the volume of program information accessible through this site, it is sometimes necessary for you to be redirected from a secured page, please be assured that all profile information is on a secured page.
Additional Information
You may view your enrollment summary at any time by clicking on the "ENROLLMENT SUMMARY" button.

We can not guarantee special placement for siblings or other participants using online registration.


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